Mold Remediation Raleigh NC

Mold remediation differs from mold restoration, mold damage repair and mold removal. Mold removal eliminates visible mold, which is then often followed by mold damage repair or mold restoration, the repair of areas affected. Mold remediation not only removes the mold, but protects areas that may lead to recurring mold growth at their source. Carolina Water Damage Restoration is your experienced mold remediation service in Raleigh NC.

Through the use of chemical barriers, HEPA filtration systems, and other specialized techniques designed to stop the spread of spores and particles that encourage mold growth, we will not only remove mold and repair its effects, at Carolina Water Damage Restoration, we aim to keep mold out permanently. After our specialized mold remediation technician has completed the mold remediation service, we will perform another mold test to make certain that the mold remediation process has been a success.


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